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SAROWIN High Performance CAT6 Network Cable Solid Pure Copper
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SAROWIN High Performance CAT6 Network Cable Solid Pure Copper

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SKU: CAT6S(1.0C)
Weight: 500 grams
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The CAT6 Network Patch Cable is universal for connectivity to all computer and network devices such as routers, switch boxes, network printers, network attached storage(NAS), VoIP phones, PoE and more.

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1.    Patch cables

2.    2.Crossover cables

3.    Other network installations


Technical Data:

1.    3 Meter STP Cat6

2.    4-pair shielded twisted pair

3.    23AWG Solid Pure Coper


The cables are made of 100% premium bare copper wire , making our cables fully compliant with UL standards. These high-quality cables provide exceptional transmission performance and low signal losses. It speeds up to 1 Gpbs at banwidth 250 Mhz.


The Cat6 Shielded Cables use Screen Folid Twisted Pair (SFTP) Shielding, are double shielded with an overall braided screen and foil screened pairs for the best prevention of noise , electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.


Whether it be your PC, laptop , entertainment system, or other device, be assured that you will have a secure , consistent connection every time you usean InstallerParts ethernet patch cable.


Suitable for Ethernet installation in home or office 10/100/1000 mbps. This cat6 ethernet cable is 23 AWG with 4 pairs (8 conductors).


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1) CAT6S(1.0C) = 1 meter
2) CAT6S(2.0C) = 2 meter
3) CAT6S(3.0C) = 3 meter
4) CAT6S(5.0C) = 5 meter
5) CAT6S(10.0C) = 10 meter
6) CAT6S(15.0C) = 15 meter
7) CAT6S(20.0C) = 20 meter



-       Main Unit Cables

-       Two year Warranty