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SAROWIN 3RCA2.0YRW - 3RCA to 3RCA Yellow/Red/White Cable

SAROWIN 3RCA2.0YRW - 3RCA to 3RCA Yellow/Red/White Cable

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Composite RCA AV Cable is specifically designed to provide sharp and clear video stereo audio for your TV. Send audio video signal from audio video components of DVD players, recording devices, cable boxes, TV's, HDTV's, VCR's, Satellite Receivers, CD Players, and gaming systems. The heavy duty RCA male connectors on each end provide excellent strain relief to keep your cable intact. An ultra flexible PVC jacket and color coded connectors help to simplify installation.

Cable Type: Audio and Video



·         Triple RCA Stereo Video Dubbing Cable, 1 Coaxial Video Cable and 2 Dual RCA Audio Cable on each

·         end. 

·         Gold Plated with super shielded cable. 

·         One video coaxial cable RG-59/U and two audio coaxial cable RG-59/U for left and right audio channels.

·         Color coded and labeled for easy connection.

·         Low-loss shielded VCR dubbing cables.

·         Suitable for DSS satellite installations.

·         Fully molded construction - black PVC net jacket. 

·         Gold plated RCA plugs for better conductivity.

·         Widely used in transmission and interconnection of audio video signals

·         Colour-coded connectors make installation simple and fast

·         Durable and practical

·         Not easy to break


1) 3RCA2.0YRW = 2 meter