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SAROWIN Anti-Glare LCD / Plasma Screen Protector

SAROWIN Anti-Glare LCD / Plasma Screen Protector

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SAROWIN anti-glare screen protector is designed to cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the Plasma or LCD TV. Reflected light or glare is very fatiguing to the eyes and reduces the contrast, colours and sharpness of the Plasma or LCD TV. SAROWIN anti-glare screen protector makes viewing a display more pleasant, reduces eyestrain, and sharpens the picture. 


Not only this, SAROWIN anti-glare screen protector is also made from crystal-clear, optical grade acrylic that protects your Plasma or LCD TV from flying objects such as toys, Wii controllers, balls, etc, as well as marks, scratches, and splashes.


Some Important Q&A

Q1: Why the modern LCD/PLASMA TV is more fragile than the traditional CRT? Does it really require additional protection?

A1: LCD/PLASMA TV appeals to consumers by its characteristics of lightness, thinness, and not occupying big space. It requires precise producing processes on all aspects. The outer panel of LCD is made by 0.2~0.3mm Polarizer with 0.7mm Color Filter and 0.8mm’s ITO Glass. These constituent parts are fragile and they are indeed not able to have self-protection from being scratched, punctured, and external force impacted etc. Especially when playing with the lately most popular Wii, people might easily skip the controller out of hands thus hit the LCD/Plasma screen. When the LCD/Plasma screen is damaged, it has no option but to change the whole panel and the screen panel is the most valuable component of the whole LCD/Plasma TV – it occupies at least 70% net cost of the whole product. If without a proper protection--the larger the LCD PLASMA TV is, the higher relative damage risk it will have. Therefore, to choose a good LCD TV/Monitor screen protector to guard your fragile LCD TV/Monitor is definitely a desperate must.


Q2: Will the screen’s visual image be spoiled if we install the protector?

A2: There are two major protector materials in the current market – "Ordinary translucent acrylic" and "Anti UV/Glare translucent acrylic". The "Ordinary translucent acrylic" is cheaper because it is integrated with downgrade recycled materials so that the panel’s pureness degree and the anti-impact strength are worse. Besides, because it does not have any Anti Glare/UV optical treatment, the visual effects easily become twisted or deformed caused by the reflection from the protection panel. SAROWIN’s screen protectors are 100% with "Anti UV/Glare PMMA (translucent acrylic)". Other than its high safety anti-impact degree for a better protector, it is with additional protection from Anti-Glare and Filtering-UV. LCD Plasma TV brightness is three times higher than traditional CRT. SAROWIN’s screen protector can effectively mitigate eyes’ fatigue and blocks 80% invisible UV which is harmful to people’s eyes and skin.  


Q3: Will the screen’s visual image be spoiled if we install the protector?

A3: LCD TV’s light comes from the backlight modular’s CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) which is a kind of low pressure mercury fluorescent light.The low pressure mercury gas discharges electricity to generate ultraviolet raysthen the UV rays excites the fluorescent powder so that the visible light is produced. That is, the LCD TV/Monitor’s original light comes from the UV rays.The warning from the Department of Health: people long-term exposing in the environment of UV rays is more easily to have caught the skin cancer, cataract, and damage of immune system.


Q4: Will the LCD/Plasma TV appearance or structure be spoiled if I install the protector?

A4: There are varied brands protectors in the current market. Some of them are made with glass material. Since glass is heavy, it requires additional external hanging tools or technician to install so that it is relatively expensive and inconvenient. Some of them are so-called "built-in type" with thin PC panel less than 1mm but it requires fixing brackets to be adhered to the sides of the LCD TV/Monitor; it ruins the stylish looking of the LCD TV/Monitor, yet providing "anti-scratch" protection only – not able to guard the fragile LCD/ TV/ Monitor from outside force puncture or impact. It cannot offer complete protectionat all. SAROWIN’s Anti-UV & Anti-Glare series are using advanced frameless patented (patented in Taiwan) streamlined design. It is pity and facile and fits all brand’s LCD/Plasma TV with easy installation; no any extra tools, hanging fixers, or assistance required. So, no worry at all that it will spoil your beautiful LCD/Plasma TV.

Q5: If I install the protector, will my LCD/Plasma TV be damaged due to poor heat sinking?

A5: Normally the required working temperature is under 60? ex-factory for LCD/Plasma TV. The average surface degree is under 40? from sold TV in the current market. If the screen protector does not have good or special design to sink the heat, it might happen that the LCD TV/Monitor’s surface temperature will rise to the safety upper limit and further to liquidize the liquid crystal thus to generate color deviation. SAROWIN’s Anti-UV/Anti-Glare protector series are equipped with unique heat-sinking convection design. It has passed the strict reliability test. Even sealed the LCD TV/Monitor in the sever 36? environment, after installing our protector, the LCD TV/Monitor’s surface temperature still keeps under 48?. It proves that it is 100% safe to use our screen protectors; no safety concern at all to use SAROWIN’s screen protectors.