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SAROWIN HD-10 Wireless HD Sender

SAROWIN HD-10 Wireless HD Sender

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- 100 % Digital
- High Defination Anytime! Amywhere
- Wireless HD Home Entertainment
- Exetended Wireless Remote  Control Function on both side
- 20 meters open field coverage
- Zero Lotency
- Support 3D

Sarowin HD-10 Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver Kits run at 5 GHz operation freuency to delivert uncompressed HD video/audio 20 meters open field and 10 meters through wall with hidden atenna . HD 10WH device kits make wireless connection bu using WHDI Technology from HD Media Source Devices such as HD Disc Player, Game Machine, Set-Top Box, PC to Display Device such as TV, Projector, while keep wire-equivalent quality and no latency.

Sarowin HD-10 also have their own user friendly optional accessory kits which are the 4 in - 2 Out HDMI Switch and the IR-Extender. User can freely choose your desire media program from max. 4 different source device plays on the 2 different HDTV at different place. To accomplish user friendly. user stay at the receiver side can using Transmitter side Remote Control (Media Source Device) through Sarowin HD-10WH Kit wireless transmission to control at the other side Media Source Device.

- MIMO technology using a 5GHz band and 18MHz bandwidth
- Uncompressed HD Video/Audio hybrid transmission quality at wire transmission
- Distance transmission range within 30 meters open field and within 10 meters through wall
- Less than 1millisecond range within 30 meters open field and within 10 meters through wall
- Support video resolution up to 1080p (30fps/60fps) including all 3D format
- IR technology enabled for easy remote control operation
- Support HDMI 1.3  video format and HDCP 1.2 with video encryption
- Strong 256-bit or 128-bit AES encryption



Download SAROWIN HD-10 product User Manual here